Why Your Business Needs a YouTube Channel

Although it’s been possible to share videos on Facebook and Twitter since the early days, features such as uploading live video or having a video profile picture have been introduced later on.

However, YouTube is the one video sharing platform which has been around for years. The biggest video sharing platform in the world, YouTube is trusted worldwide and is the go-to site for watching videos about literally anything. With millions of users who enjoy spending their free time looking for new and interesting videos to watch, it definitely makes sense for businesses of all sizes to have their own YouTube channel.

Benefits of Using YouTube

When it comes to using video to market your brand and products, YouTube should be the first place that you go to. You can use the videos that you upload to YouTube for a wide range of different purposes, sharing them not only with your YouTube followers but also with your followers on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button. You can also easily upload YouTube videos to a business blog by copying and pasting the embed link into your blog’s HTML. If you use a CMS such as WordPress, you can get widgets and tools to include your latest YouTube video uploads on your blog directly.

Using YouTube to Improve SEO

Having a YouTube channel which is regularly updated with fresh and interesting content which attracts a lot of attention from your target audience can be hugely beneficial for your SEO. Not only does choosing your words carefully when creating informative video descriptions mean that you can include important key words and phrases, but you can also use this opportunity to create genuine and authentic backlinks to your business website or blog. Including keywords and your business name and location in your YouTube video product descriptions can also improve your search engine ranking in both general and local Google search results.

Using YouTube For Advertising

Along with uploading your own videos onto YouTube, you can also use this popular marketing platform to further advertise your brand, products and services. YouTube is a popular choice of video bloggers in a range of different industries who regularly post updates and have a range of followers. Along with that, there are many official users of YouTube who upload clips such as music videos or short films, all of which can feature a short advertisement before the video. Depending on the users who will be featuring your ads, YouTube ads can cost a little or a lot, but it can be a hugely effective way to generate more interest in your business from YouTube users. You can also use interactive YouTube ads, which allow the user to click on the ad to open the business website or landing page in a new tab.

Connecting With Your Target Audience on YouTube

One of the best things about YouTube is that it is easy to use when it comes to connecting with your target audience. You can allow or disable comments on videos, but allowing your viewers to comment will provide you with a great insight into which videos are popular and which are not received quite as well. Asking your viewers to leave comments on your videos can also help to improve levels of customer engagement, which is hugely important for building a good connection and relationship with your target audience. Actively asking your customers to leave their opinions and views on your YouTube videos means that they will feel more valued by your brand and is a great way to let them know that they are appreciated and their voice matters.

Innovative YouTube Video Ideas

When it comes to uploading videos to your brand’s YouTube channel, you can really get creative. Of course, you will want to use your YouTube channel in order to showcase your marketing videos, video product descriptions, video product reviews, latest brand news, and anything else you want to share with your viewers. But, with so many brands jumping on the YouTube channel bandwagon, the secret to success when using this video sharing platform is to do something different and unique. For example, you could hold competitions where you invite customers to apply to appear in your marketing videos, create unique how-to-guide videos, or make short films which feature your brand that will grab the attention of your viewers.

Keeping up to date with what your competition are doing on YouTube is absolutely vital to making sure that you’re not being left behind.

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