Whoa Nellie! Why Are These Two Website Quotes So Different?

If you’re hiring someone to work in your business full time, you interview a number of candidates and evaluate them for the position. That’s reasonable, right? Websites work the same way. If done properly, they become amazing parts of your business and the way they earn and serve customers. They also increase the efficiency of your business, and streamlines your processes, making them more defined and easily replicated. This is invaluable to a small business trying to grow.

One thing that can create confusion when you receive multiple quotes, is there can be a gulf between the prices. When you get multiple quotes, the difference between the least and most expensive can be quite staggering. But why is that?

Here are the main reasons:

The difference between agencies and freelancers

Freelancers usually work at home, and run lean, tight ships of one or two. This means very few overheads, and almost no staff to pay. Agencies on the other hand, usually run their studio space and their staff, meaning higher prices. However, don’t be fooled merely by the superficial. There are some freelancers who are expensive, and are worth the money because of the quality of their work. Meanwhile there are agencies, who can slow walk you through hell. And vice versa. So let’s take some other things into consideration.

Where in the world?

Geography plays a huge part in price. In the developed countries, especially around major cities, the price climbs exponentially the ‘more in’, you go. You can cut some corners and hire a non-local company that operates from somewhere like India, China or Russia. Some companies outsource the work to those places, it’s a way to increase their profit margins. They won’t tell you that though.

Are you getting a truly custom project?

So does a cheap web company really custom design your project to your specifications? Are the cheaper web companies really tailoring this project to your unique requirements?

I’ve had to compete with rock bottom quotes of rehashes of a similar website my competitors had done before, but passing it off a completely new project to the client. Or competing with a quote from a company creating cookie cutter designs, using themes that are very popular on sites like Mojo’s and Themeforest.

No two projects are alike, so what works for one, won’t work for the other. While these avenues do have their place, a stable, high end website is not that place. The client is the one who comes off the worse, because they end up have to spend more money to fix things and or re-develop from scratch every few years.

Hiding & Exploding Fees

So here’s a trick some companies play… You’ll get either a very low quote, but the company will get every cent you saved and more back from you with hidden or inflated costs. This is common. Way too common! It’s the same model Wix, Shopify and Weebly use to ‘hook’ you onto your platforms. The site is ‘free’ or ‘low cost’, but in no time flat you realise you can’t do much growing on the platform without forking out hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually. Most companies don’t include this in web site proposals.

Is it good? Or is it bad?

Lastly, is this a good designer? This is the most subjective element of a website. A useful, money earning website requires not just creativity, but also a thorough knowledge of how the web works. A pretty website is great, but it’s bedrock should be functionality and user experience. Designers and developers like this are hard to come by, and expect to pay for the skill, experience and talent.  Look at designers’ previous work first to check their quality. If they’re good, they’ll be more expensive.

As corny as this is, and I hate ending on this cliché, but it’s true: You get what you pay for.

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