Starting Up Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Social Ads work virally, but rather than being spread in a random fashion, they are placed on Facebook members’ pages, based on their profile data.

This can make them a powerful sales aid for marketers especially as this current decade comes to a close. Mobile devices are now replacing personal computers at the rate of 4 – 1, however, like any data system spread via the net, there are rules, restrictions and random factors that can greatly inhibit or enhance their success.

Let’s explore the ins – and outs – of Facebook Ads.

This blog post is not a complete guide to Facebook ad creation. (We focus on this in our VIP Days programme.) Instead, it focuses more on the nuances you will not pick up from Facebook’s easy “Advertising Creation” walk-through  and drawbacks to watch out for.

How Facebook Ads Work

Clara enjoys and loves planner systems, and publicly says so on her Facebook profile. A successful Planner supply company wants to promote its planner subscription box service, so it purchases a Facebook Ad.

Facebook uses Insight, a powerful demographics tool, extracts the information on who is passionate about all things planners and lives within a close geographical radius of their shipping lanes.

Clara is a likely candidate to view the ads since she’s already planner mad. Clara always pays attention whenever there’s a picture of a cute layout, or new stickers in an ad – and she also notices the Planner Supply Company provides a subscription box service (for the CUTEST STUFF) so she clicks the “Like This” button and views the Ads.

Facebook then finds more ads using this specialized search data – voluntarily provided by Clara – to place other planner activities and products in her Ad feed. (It also adds subscription-related ads, since this was one of the keywords the ad used.) But there’s more: Clara has 384 friends on Facebook.

10 of these friends are also connected to her via planner related activities. They read that Clara “likes” their Planner Supply Company and has become its Facebook Fan. Trusting her judgment and recommendation, they click on the link.

You can see instantly by this example that the combination of becoming a fan and having ads served by profile-targeted feed considerably increases your chances, as an Advertiser, of having your ads read by the right people.

Furthermore, assuming that a percentage of Clara’s 10 planner besties do read the geo-targeted Ad, 5 of them opted to subscribe to the box service but all of them select “Like”.

Even with this hypothetical example, you can instantly see the potential for our well-marketed Planner Supply Company subscription box to spread virally… all within a highly focused group more likely to buy. Before you know it, our Planner Supply Company’s subscription box has a real following.

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