3 Tips to Drive Sales Gamification

By Miko Bey | July 26, 2018

Do you know why they call it Salesforce? Due to the fact that your sales group needs to be required to use it.

Hiring A Digital Marketing Company

By Miko Bey | July 25, 2018

Every market these days has competitors. The number grows daily, making it harder for a business that does not follow a structured online marketing plan, to reach the top positions in Google or distinguish themselves from their competition. If you want/need your business to sell, you need to hire a digital marketing firm.

Tips for Successful Email Campaigns and Product Launches

By Miko Bey | July 24, 2018

If you’re launching a new product or going for a special sales push, there are a few things you can do that’ll virtually guarantee a higher response rate. These things include split testing email headlines, amping up excitement before the launch and taking advantage of the “crowd effect.”

Low Cost Website Promotion That Works

By Miko Bey | July 23, 2018

Search Engine Submission and Ranking are the two basic parts to a low cost web site promotion. Both of the parts have the same effect on the market of the web site – for your products and services presented in your web site catches the people’s attention.

How to Write When You’’re Not a Writer

By Miko Bey | July 22, 2018

As a business owner you’’re called on to manage a variety of tasks. Because CONTENT IS KING (and the Story is Queen), one of those tasks is writing. You have content to create. This can be a scary and potentially overwhelming concept. Many people fear writing or put it off because they don’t consider themselves to be writers.

Tips for your Digital Marketing Strategy

By Miko Bey | July 21, 2018

Social media is incredibly important for your online presence. A good social media strategy can help your business become more trusted, increase the number of customers, and boost your revenue. Sounds great doesn’t it? Unfortunately, you can’t reap the rewards without first planting your seeds and nurturing them into fruition. Follow these five tips and you will be on your way to reaping the rewards your business deserves!

Overcoming your Home Business Fears

By Miko Bey | July 21, 2018

We all have fears and we need to learn how to overcome them. Find out how you can banish your fear of selling your services and products.

Tips For Hosting Local Events

By Miko Bey | July 20, 2018

There are plenty of unconventional advertising methods that work. Many businesses fall into the trap of doing nothing but traditional advertising. However, thinking outside the box is often great for generating interest. Here are two tips that work: Free workshops or seminars These are excellent ways to get the word out about your company. When…

5 ways to boost your digital marketing success

By Miko Bey | July 19, 2018

Economic and political landscapes adapt and change over time, and so your marketing strategy should be agile and responsive to cope with evolving scenarios.

How To Create Customer Engagement: A Process

By Miko Bey | July 19, 2018

Customer engagement is a very important component of any sales strategy. It’s important that customers have a variety of ways to engage with you. There are many channels today that open engagement opportunities – such as social media, email, blog post comments, customer relationship management systems, and more. The trick is to engage with your customers in all the ways you’re able to do it.

Using Email Marketing To Your Best Advantage

By Miko Bey | July 18, 2018

Everyone knows that in order to have a successful business, it’s important to employ good marketing strategies. While there are many ways to market your products, email marketing is a great way to utilize the internet and reach an unlimited target market. Read on to discover ways to use email marketing in your business.

Using Analytics to Plan Where Your Business Is Going

By Miko Bey | July 17, 2018

Analytics can tell you what happened, why it happened, what will happen and how you can make it happen. ‘It’ consists of any goal that you’ve set for your business. Using analytics to inform you about these issues will help you make your business even more prosperous.

5 Tips to Stop Your Small Business from Hemorrhaging Money

By Miko Bey | July 16, 2018

If you are a small business owner, you have probably heard that it is not unusual for your company to operate at a loss. This is not ideal, undoubtedly, you probably feel like you can do much better. How? Follow these ideas to stop your small service from hemorrhaging cash.

Link Baiting Explained: How to Make Blog Posts Go Viral

By Miko Bey | July 14, 2018

Link baiting is basically the process of creating content with the specific purpose of it getting linked to. It’s often content that’s shocking, surprising, funny or counterintuitive. Viral elements are also sometimes built into the content. Here are two examples of successful link baiting techniques, along with why it works and how you can duplicate…

Advertising on Facebook

By Miko Bey | July 13, 2018

There is more to Facebook than friends and contacts! Advertising with Facebook is an up-and-coming way to enhance your business. If you’d like to consider advertising with Facebook, here are some tips on how to make it work for you.

3 Ways Blockchain Is Interrupting the Digital Marketing Space

By Miko Bey | July 12, 2018

Fake is the brand-new currency of the web. Fake views. Fake likes. Fake listens. Phony traffic. Phony followers. Seriously!

When and How Often to Email

By Miko Bey | July 11, 2018

When is the optimal time to email your list? What’s the optimal frequency? These are two key factors to running a well-read and responsive email list. Email at the wrong times and your emails either won’t get opened or your sales letters won’t convert. Email at the wrong frequency and you risk either burning your…

Why Landing Pages Are Critical to Your Success

By Miko Bey | July 9, 2018

If your website goals are falling flat, you may want to take a look at your landing page. Your landing page is the home page for your website. It’s the page most people ‘land’ on when they come to your website.

Make It Easy for Your Visitors to Complete Your Website Goals

By Miko Bey | July 9, 2018

What are your website goals? Do you have any? Presumably you want to make money, but how? Does each page on your site have a goal? If so, does the goal of the page also support your ultimate website goal?

Using Analytics to Improve Your Website

By Miko Bey | July 9, 2018

Website analytics are there to help you track and measure various parameters of your website. But, they can also help you ensure that your website is completely optimized in every aspect – including layout, speed, SEO, and more. For example, with Google Analytics you can create many different reports to help you understand the health of your website.

Tutorial: Configuring VAT in Woocommerce

By Miko Bey | July 8, 2018

I found a great video on YouTube explaining how to configure VAT in WooCommerce. I thought it would be useful for client’s in the UK and the Caribbean where VAT is ubiquitous.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Work-At-Home Schedule

By Miko Bey | July 8, 2018

After studying my time and chatting with some other work-at-home folks, I discovered five reasons to embrace the schedule.

How AI is Assisting to Decrease Waste in Digital Marketing

By Miko Bey | July 6, 2018

In accordance with Chartbeat analytics, two of three clicks on native advertising bounces in 15 seconds or less. From Facebook to Outbrain, it costs 3 times the cost of a click for a content online marketer to get any meaningful engagement with their work.

Three Kinds of Emails You Can Use Over and Over

By Miko Bey | July 5, 2018

A lot of list owners eventually run into the problem of not knowing what to write about. If you ever run into that issue, then perhaps this article can help. Here we’ll go over three kinds of emails that you can use over and over again. In fact, if you just rotate between these three kinds of emails, your business will do very well indeed!

6 Tips For Promoting Your Small Business on Facebook

By Miko Bey | July 4, 2018

We’re past the point where you need to asking yourself about ‘whether you should utilize Facebook to advertise your small business. So if you’re starting a business page, here are a few tips from my desk…

How to Get More Reader Interaction on Your Articles and Blog

How to Get More Reader Interaction on Your Articles and Blog

By Miko Bey | July 3, 2018

Reader interaction accomplishes many things for a website. It helps add user generated content. It also helps pull in more readers. People want to participate and see what everyone’s talking about. However, getting reader interaction isn’t always easy. Here are a few tried and true strategies for getting more interaction on your articles and blogs.

Animated gif: Magnet demonstrating how viral content works.

Viral Content Marketing: How To Make Your Content Go Viral With GIFs

By Miko Bey | July 3, 2018

Digital marketers shouldn’t harbour concerns about integrating GIFs into their holistic advertising strategies. Aside from merely entertaining your viewers, GIFs additionally function as a particularly vital device for businesses as they can often showcase both products and merchandise in such a way that they easily attract the attention of both current and new clients as well as markets. Followers can get a sneak peek of an upcoming event or the recap of a program, as GIFs highlight both behind the scenes and on-screen happenings with style.

Basic Tips To Assist You Understand Reputation Management

By Miko Bey | July 2, 2018

Are you interested in learning about reputation management? Are you exhausted by all the information that is out there, some being great and others never providing what you’re searching for? If that is the case, the following article will prove handy. Continue reading for information you can use to manage your company’s reputation.

Pay-Per Click Ad Campaigns: Earn More by Spending Less

By Miko Bey | July 2, 2018

Everyday millions of people around the world click on Pay-Per Click advertising campaign. With the internet industry booming and online business growing, an ad can be seen by virtually anybody on the planet who is online.

Nthabeleng Likotsi, creator of YWBN Mutual Bank

Meet the Entrepreneur Behind the Newest Black Woman-Owned Bank

By Miko Bey | July 1, 2018

Nthabeleng Likotsi, a 33-year old Black lady from South Africa who co-founded the Young Women in Company Network (YWBN), has been determined to turn her cooperative bank to a shared bank. It seems tough, but she is already set to do it, becoming the first black woman bank owner in South Africa.