6 Tips For Promoting Your Small Business on Facebook

We’re past the point where you need to asking yourself about ‘whether you should utilize Facebook to advertise your small business. So if you’re starting a business page, here are a few tips from my desk:

1. Make connections

Presumably, your small business has an online presence elsewhere – a web site, blog, or some such. On your web site, it is a good idea to arrange a link to your Facebook page and vice versa. That manner, visitors to your web site can click on on the link to your Facebook page, and Facebook buddies can click over to your web site. Giving clients and prospects the choice of finding you on Facebook offers your small business a personal touch. Facebook is a familiar network where folks can communicate one on one.

2. Content Is King

A social medial marketing plan is necessary! When working on your blog content, and editorial schedule, plan for sharing on FB.  It’s your website! It’s your business and what you do that you’re presenting to clients and prospects! Make it attention-grabbing, related to their needs and fresh so that people will stick around and read more,  and comeback for more content.

3. Interaction

You get to decide how much interaction you want between your clients and prospects and you. Even so, being consistent is a crucial element to your strategy.  If you want loads of interaction and feedback, you have to include interactive tools in your page (apps). These include gamification tools like contests, video games, and special offers. If you do decide to create apps on your page, your content has the potential to “go viral” and reach many people rapidly.

4. Freebies

Interactive or not, business professionals usually agree that giving away freebies is an effective way to advertise your small business. When you give away just a few high-quality freebies, then your fans might be more likely to buy your higher-quality products and services you are promoting.

5. Advertise

Use key words from Facebook customers’ profiles to offer your ads a specific goal. You may submit adverts to your specific demographic. This will save you effort and time, and actually get your message directly to your audience or market.

6. Individuality is “in” AKA “Content is King, But The Story Is Queen”

Long, long, long, long ago… when Methuselah was a boy,  that conformity was the key to success to winning in the business world – you needed to wear the correct clothes, act in the proper manner, say the appropriate things, and so forth. Nowadays, wonderfully for us dyed-in-the-wool non-conformists, distinctive individuality is in. You should use your own individual approach to promote your small business. Do not hesitate to capitalise on what makes you, you!

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