How Cool Is Your Website?

Is your web site lacking a ‘cool’ factor? It’s important to keep up with trends and technology. Visitors make a snap judgment when they visit your site. If it looks old and dated, it may discredit you. Here’s how to design a latter and cool-looking website to stay current and credible.

#1 When was the last time you updated your site?

This is the first and most basic issue. If it was more than a year ago, chances are you’re missing out. New technologies and web site features are developed on a regular basis. You certainly don’t have to take advantage of all of them. However, you can freshen up and restructure your website at smallest once a year.

#2 What features and functions do your prospects use?

Social networking is an easy example. Just on the subject of it, everyone from the age of twelve on up is using some social networking site. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and SnapChat are obvious examples. If your audience is using these, then adding them to your site makes sense. It’ll help keep it up to date. It’ll also provide a connection to your audience.

#3 What may you add or modify to enhance the experience?

Elements shouldn’t be added to your site just because they’re cool or cutting edge. They need to support your overall goals and purpose. Take a look at the technology offered today and how it might support your company. Explore how it might add value to your customers.

For example:

  • Do you use video on your site? Video is a developing trend and single that many prospects respond to.
  • Are your prospects energetic on social networking sites? How can you add this behavior to your company group to add value?
  • Should you take advantage of your prospects and visitors to add content to your site?
  • Would a blog help you build or support your brand?
  • May social bookmarking build your web traffic and SEO?

#4 Are your graphics, images, and colors out of date?

It’s important that your entire site create a total image. This image should support your brand. Making huge changes to the overall look and appearance of your site could have a detrimental effect. However, you should update the look of your site and still retain your existing brand image. For example, you may have a complete overhaul of your website navigation and retain your header graphics, logo and font.

Small changes can make a big difference. A lowly adjustment of your font to a new and more modern-looking font may add ‘edge’ and ‘cool’ appeal to your site.

If you haven’t updated your site in a while, take a look at how you could improve it. Base your considerations on your user’s experience. Make sure every change you make supports your customer and/or your company goals.

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