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Register Your Business

If you're based outside of the US, playing on the global field, and selling directly to US markets and actually getting your money is very difficult. But here's how you can make it a lot easier.

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Get Your Domain Name

Your first point of branding your business online, and the crucial point of contact for any traditional marketing and advertising, getting the right domain name can make a huge difference.

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Get GSuite

Hands down the best plugin suite for professional email your brand new domain name. Get a ton of tools for you and your team (of one or fifty). Plus these tools can integrate deeply with every other tool you use.

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Build Your Website

While it's tempting when you get going to shave this corner off your bill, don't. (And I'm not just saying that because I build websites! I'm saying that because I build websites!) Call me, and let's talk about your business goals.

Create Social Profiles

Many of you started here first... before anything else. But let's look at your business model and your goals, and create not just profiles, but social experiences for your customers and fans.

Set Up Your Mailing List

This step gets left out of a lot of plans, but it is the cheapest, most effective way of communicating with your customers. We strongly recommend Mailchimp, as it is very easy to use and integrates with EVERYTHING!

Open A Bank Account

My recommendation is step one will help out with a US bank account, but here's a great alternative that gets you an ACH account, a debit card and a direct link to your Non-US bank account, and lets you accept payments in multiple currencies.

Monetize Your Site

I don't care if you're selling time, coconuts or bathmats... if you're planning to launch a website, do NOT create a clickable brochure no one can order from. Call me and let's talk about stacking your bank account.


Create Content

"Content is King", you've heard that a lot (and from me), but you will always hear add this, "However, the story is Queen". Crafting blog, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, tweets and pins that encourage your clients to do business with you is how you'll reach your goal.

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