Does Your Content Have a Purpose?

By now everyone has heard the ‘content is King’ adage repeated by online gurus for the last two decades. My clients and friends get sick of me saying it. Yet many small and micro businesses have a limited understanding of what content is. They don’t know what it is, what it can do and what it actually does for them. Even now in 2018!
For the life of ‘ecommerce’ as we know it, content is a business owners top resource. To make money online you must understand content and the role it plays in marketing to driving sales.
Content drives traffic. It helps make a sale. It make you and your website an authority. It gives you credibility and it also helps you market your business.
Too many of my small business peeps write their content wily nily. There’s no direction or any real purpose in mind.
They may or may not be fantastic writers. But without a purpose, my people miss opportunities. When writing for your website, every page you look at, you must ask, “What goal do I want this content to help me meet?’
It doesn’t matter if it’s short like a blog post or an article. It doesn’t matter if it’s a larger content piece like a report or e-book. It needs a purpose.

Potential Content Purposes

  • To drive traffic to a web page
  • To increase SEO
  • To drive traffic to a sales page
  • To generate affiliate income
  • To boost credibility and authority
  • To motivate a response/comments/links
The best kind of content for marketing usage, is content that has many purposes.
You can use free reports on your industry to collect opt-ins. Also within the body of the report, you can place strategic call to actions for your products or services. You may link back to your website, and include email, phone and other contact information.
If your content has no purpose, that you’ve lost those opportunities.

Making the Decision

The best time to determine content purpose is when you create a content plan. Your way, isn’t my way. You might plan for a week, or a for an entire quarter. If you’re not planning your content, please start now! Planning your content is the easiest way to maximize all your efforts.
Planning allows you to determine keywords and topics for each piece of content. Also, you can choose when and where you’re going to publish your content. This integrates with your traffic generation, SEO, sales and marketing strategies. This means assigning your content a purpose.
Let me break it down for you:
You may know that three months from now, you’re going to launch a new product. In the month leading up to the launch, you will be doing promotion to support it. That will generate interest and buzz. The purpose of the content, will be to drive traffic to your opt-in page. People sign up ahead of time to get notifications of when you launch, and as an incentive, special pricing. Your content will general awareness of the need for your new product. Your content then sends traffic to your sales page once you’ve launched.

How to Include Your Purpose in Your Content

Every piece of content must have a call to action. If you want people to comment on a post, ask them to comment. That’s your call to action. If you want people to visit your sales page, you need a link and a visual cue to click. The purpose of your content integrates into your call of action.
Have a look at the content you planned for next week, or next month. Does each piece of content have a purpose? Do you have a call to action? Is your content serving your business growth strategy?
No? Chile, make some quick changes and start pulling in the rewards from it.
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