Digital Marketing Versus Social Media: What’s the Difference?

Digital takes the cake in the contemporary marketing world and social networks is an important slice. They’re not completely the exact same thing.

Digital marketing is a cool Generation X who knows the ropes of the web and how to market your company in classic world broad web fashion. Social network is a more casual millennial, the product of the Gen Xer’s, who bucks versus anything standard and stays linked to the world 24-7.

You need both to spread your message efficiently.

Let’s see how understanding methods the 2 intersect, and stand apart, benefit your service.

By the Book

Digital marketing is any brand messaging or marketing you do on the internet. It consists of producing or managing:

  • Pay per click marketing
  • Your site
  • Email marketing
  • Digital campaigns
  • Digital ads
  • Digital branding
  • SEO
  • Plus all of social media

Social media refers to digital places where a little part of digital marketing occurs, particular channels developed for social sharing and interaction. Every one has a various purpose, crowd and rules you have to play by.

These are just a few of the significant channels essential to companies and digital marketing:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Yelp
  • Pinterest

The Point of Social Network

While social media describes particular sites, digital marketing on the other hand, can be both our digital marketing materials and the act of marketing ourselves online.

Even without an active, totally free profile, you can pay to run digital marketing advertisements on social media channels. Nobody actually does that however, because who does not want the free marketing power of social media?

In contemporary marketing, not having active social networks profiles is sort of a warning for consumers. It tells them you’re not updated or available, and by not being open to publicly interacting with consumers it may look like you have something to conceal.


Consumers desire you on social media and not just in the type of advertisements. They’re aiming to have a discussion with your brand name, ask concerns, examine your organisation as well as reach out to your customer support group.

Just recently, a regional news station near me featured a consumer pointers and techniques segment. They advised airline company travelers to report issues and problems on the social networks pages of whatever airline company they were flying, instead of waiting in line at the airline company’s customer support desk in the airport.

This technique is to attend to problems as they’re unfolding.

Let me say that once again: it’s easier and faster to get help from big companies via social networks than face to face, from individuals literally being paid to help you.


Mostly, because the entire digital world can see what you state on social networks and brands do not want you sharing your unhappiness with the masses. It’s the equivalent of letting the general public listen to every customer support interaction anybody has ever had with your business. It’s intrusive.

Casual Socializing

Even for the world’s biggest brands, social media is a place to unwind, have enjoyable and communicate delicately.

Consumers ENJOY enjoyable interactions with businesses online. And when you think about it, isn’t the point of marketing to make the world pay attention to what you’re stating? When you’re communicating with consumers on social networks, not just pushing a prewritten marketing message, individuals take notice.

The novelty of branded social networks accounts is fascinating. Given that brands aren’t really individuals, even adults enjoy communicating with them as if they were people. We’ve all formed strong, long-lasting connections with our favorite brands, even without social networks.

When we can understand and communicate with those brand names on a more individual level, it’s a little bit like a kid satisfying their favorite animation character. We’re getting to see the personalities of our favorite brand names, in an uncandid, unrestrained environment. It’s enjoyable in such a way that marketing generally isn’t.

Just have a look at Wendy’s , letting their hair down, the TSA being humorous on Instagram and even Old Spice being completely absurd on Pinterest.

The Church of Brand Evangelists

If your digital marketing is working like it should, you’ll be producing brand name evangelists. These ride-or-die customers ENJOY you and they desire the world to understand. Your branded social media channels provide a location to sing your applauds, sort of like church.

Let your greatest fans do your marketing for you, with favorable evaluations, item videos, testimonials, how-to guides, hacking tutorials and more. All you have to do is supply the location to do it: your branded social media channels.

Social Network (Especially When it isn’t Complimentary) IS Digital Marketing

Everything you do on social networks becomes part of your digital marketing, whether you want it to or not. Social network is transparent, so there’s no place to conceal. All of it falls under the umbrella of your branding and marketing.

In a broad sense, lots of people consider digital marketing as complete digital marketing projects, with a spending plan, goals and technique. Social media is often one of the lots of mediums and components of that kind of campaign.

Supplementing your Social Network with Digital Marketing

You can do a lot more with your social media by adding some digital marketing aspects.

Paid advertisements are a choice to obtain your digital marketing message in front of a very targeted social media audience. Hypertarget your audience using social networks’s wealth of personal details and data.

You can actually purchase (a little or a lot) more control over your social media influence and reach. Straight-up digital ads aside, you can likewise pay to improve your social networks and reach more people. Because social media algorithms significantly restrict the natural reach of the majority of service accounts, we usually advise paying to boost your efforts.

Promo Notion

A very typical usage of social networks is to support your digital marketing efforts through totally free promotion. Shrieking your news from the digital mountain tops is as simple as sharing a link to your latest blog on your Facebook page.

Make the most of your most appropriate social networks channels for promoting new website content, blog sites, videos, occasions, promos, sales, brand-new products and more. Many blog site publishing tools, such as HubSpot, consist of an alternative to arrange social sharing beforehand.

Simply keep in mind, when you’re utilizing unsettled social networks, talk like a human, not a business. Even devoted fans of your brand name will be switched off to hear an official marketing tone of voice in your social posts.

2 Sides of the Same Vital Coin

Essentially, while there’s a great deal of overlap, you need both digital marketing and social networks for the most effective contemporary marketing. Disregarding any tool at your marketing disposal is a bad idea and both of these are lifelines for the contemporary online marketer. Comprehend how they work, how they work together and how they can work for your company before you dive into either.


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