Viral Content Marketing: How To Make Your Content Go Viral With GIFs

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Creating viral content is a bit like creating a magic spell. Prediciting virality should be avoided, but you can tempt it by being intentional. Changing social media images into a GIF or graphics interface format could be one of the best ways for expressing emotion, including a intelligent reference or showcasing a memorable scene from your favourite TV shows or films.

This brief but sweet and dynamic content is rarely thought of spammy as they come full of meaningful info. Married to these stellar traits, GIFs have been reinvented into an engaging but not-so-new gadget of social media. Since their inception these animated images have taken over the internet and gained acceptance as a mode of communication in their own right. They’re also a rich part of the viral content soup.

Digital marketers shouldn’t harbour concerns about integrating GIFs into their holistic advertising strategiesAside from merely entertaining your viewers, GIFs additionally function as a particularly vital device for businesses as they can often showcase both products and merchandise in such a way that they easily attract the attention of both current and new clients as well as markets. Followers can get a sneak peek of an upcoming event or the recap of a program, as GIFs highlight both behind the scenes and on-screen happenings with style.

GIF Categories:

Though GIFs seem to be a humorous animation on first look, they provide the potential to impart added attractiveness to a specific post and answering questions in easy termsThey also take the form of an object of artwork very similar to cinemagraphs that are similar to the versatile portfolio of pricey designers.

  • Response GIFs:–  This well-known GIF style reveals both emotions as well as responses utilizing an animated clip which may showcase everything from situation answers to normal emotions. These GIFs are tailor made for answers. With the integration of gifs into smartphone keyboards, and browser plugins and add ons, even embedded into FB, Slack, Twitter and a number of other communication tools, makes the lingua franca commonplace which also helps viral content
  • Looping GIFs:–  These GIFs can mesmerise viewers as they wonder about  reason behind the GIFs endless and seamless loop. This makes it easier to catch the attention of an even bigger target market.
  • Cinemagraphs:– These are part animation and part picture with subtle areas of motion such as city streets or distant waterfalls which tend to evoke a serene feel. As opposed to a moment replaying, one feels as if time is passing, which amounts to a very cool visual effect. Such animations tend to attract more “Likes” compared to a boring static image, and are some of the more engaging examples of viral content.

Creating A GIF Utilizing LiceCap:

LiceCap is a tool that aids the creation of animated GIFs by recording the window which is open on your screen. You simply edit the window dimensions by decreasing the scale of GIF and the main LiceCap window.

With LiceCap, you can document completely everything, it doesn’t matter whether it is something you are doing on your Mac or live streaming a video from YouTube. This versatile and intuitive tool ensures a high performance in spite of being lightweight in it’s attributes.

LiceCap also supports its unique .LCF format which permits more robust timestamping, high quality colours per frame and greater compression ratios compared to the ancient .GIF format. LiceCap features:

  • Screen can be moved for capturing frame while recording.
  • Pausing can be toggled while recording by using the global hotkey feature.
  • Mouse button presses can be recorded.
  • Recording can be paused and started with optional ability of LiceCapto insert text messages.
  • Basic title frame might or might not be accompanies by text.
  • Elapsed time is displayed in the recording.
  • Maximum recording framerate of LiceCapcan be adjusted to allow CPU usage regulation.

Why Viral Content Is Worth It

Your followers might be easily bored with static content, particularly if you just post post similar content regularlyInsteadattempt spicing up your social feed utilizing GIFs since they’re already supported and adopted by all the big platforms.

You possibly can set up another avenue of communication between your followers and your content. It enhances your brand appeal to new audience members as they entry the social media channels of your business and begin exploring their curiosity about what you do.

GIF usage on your business web site could make the experience far more visually interesting with out detrimentally impacting your load times. You will have to choose a picture which represents the brand precisely and triggers a unique emotional connection with your visitors. If you’re using a trending topic, then the images will tend to be widely available. This type of content has larger chance of going viral compared to static content. They’re just extra share-worthy, entertaining, relatable and gives you a strong engagement boost.

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