Clarifying your Podcast Ideas

In my previous rundown introducing podcasting, I gave an overview of things to consider when starting a podcast. This post delves a little deeper, beyond just an idea. If you have a good idea for podcasting, it’s important to be crystal clear it so that you can narrow it down and ensure that your audience will enjoy it.

What Topics Interest Your Audience?

While a topic should interest you too, it’s more important that it’s what your audience wants to listen to. Everything you do should take into consideration what your audience wants, and how you can benefit and add value to their lives.

What Are You an Expert In?

These days, you don’t have to an expert. There are way too many people out here, speaking on things they know little about. And that’s the crux of it. However, you should want to become an expert. You can start with the beginning information, and move through intermediate and expert as your audience grows with you. Think of a series of podcasts. These can become evergreen content and convincing lead magnets later.

What Are You Good At?

If your business or organisation focuses on one product, service or group demographic, you can offer useful expertise from your field. Again, think about a series of how tos, interviews and round table type conversations with other experts or complementary services. These are a great way to build multiple types of content later during your content marketing.

Do You Want to Persuade or Enable

When you speak to people, you’re doing one of two things; persuading or enabling your audience. For example, let’s say you are a diet coach. Your podcast topic can persuade people to eat right and exercise but it can also make it easier (enabling) for them to do it by providing resources that help. If you’re trying to sell a specific product, it might be worth it to explore what your potential audience’s benefits from your product and service may be, and build your persuasion around the benefits, and speaking on how the product or service enables and empowers them.

Consider Your Reasons

There are many reasons to do a podcast. For example, you may want to be seen as an expert, reach more people, find like-minded people, boost traffic to your website and get more sales, or something else entirely. Know your reasons, so that you can stay on topic with your audience.

Ask Your Audience

Who is your audience and what do they want? If you already have a built-in audience through an email list, you could send them a survey to not only find out what type of topics they’d like to cover, but also gauge the interest by the type of responses you get.

Write Down Ideas

Get out some paper (or open a document on your computer). At the top of the page, write down a description of your audience. You can use one of your client avatars if you want to. That way you can keep them in mind as you list as many topics as you can for the next ten minutes. Go wild! Dream big. Write every possible thing you could want to touch on down.

Clean them Up

Some of the stuff you came up with during brainstorming likely won’t work out for you. Take the time to clean up the topics by deleting things that are clearly outside of your niche. Be ruthless. Examine each topic for feasibility, resources required, and logistics. You must become your own programme manager.

Put Them in Order

Now, take the topics you wrote down in the ten minutes and put them into some sort of order. It can help to chunk up the topics into categories, and then put them into an order that makes sense if you were going to do it all in one day.

Create A Calendar

Plot your shows into your editorial calendar, or make one. This gives you a timeline to work with, but also helps with your content marketing over the long haul.

Finally, get started. The best way to do a podcast is to get started. It may take a while to get an audience, so don’t give up. If you’re sticking close to your niche and talking about topics you either know or bring on an expert to talk about, you will build a hungry audience that wants to get even more content from you in other formats.

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