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Creating Your Brand and Building Your Audience

September 16, 2021

A good place to start is by asking what exactly a brand is. A brand is much more than just a logo and is rather an ethos – a mission statement and an approach to business. That logo simply tells people that the product or service they’re receiving adheres to the same standards as whatever…

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Be Consistent In Social Media Marketing

May 1, 2021

You now know how to write great content, how to keep people coming back to your site and how to engage your audience so that they feel like part of an exciting VIP community. (If you are struggling with this, this blog is full of ideas on how to tackle content creation.) You realise social…

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Casting Call: Understanding Podcast Advertising Opportunities

January 14, 2020

As podcasts grow in popularity, advertising opportunities are shifting in response to target new audiences of listeners. Broadcast radio ads may be fading in popularity, but audio advertising on podcasts is picking up steam, so much so that businesses are expected to spend over $500 million on podcast ads by the year 2020. Why Podcasts…

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WordPress Security – 19 Steps to Lock Down Your Site

January 14, 2020

When it comes to WordPress security, there are a lot of things you can do to lock down your site to prevent hackers and vulnerabilities from affecting your ecommerce site or blog. The last thing you want to happen is to wake up one morning to discover your site in shambles. So today we are…

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Stop Being So Modest! Why Women in Business Need to Get Comfortable with Bragging

January 14, 2020

A study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon and two other institutions showed that bragging elicits a negative reaction from those on the receiving end. Yet at the same time, cultural bias makes it both more common and more socially acceptable for men to self-promote. Sound familiar?

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Balancing Your “Work From Home” Business

91 Percent of People Who Work at Home Are More Productive Than at

With so many young people trying to work from home on the Internet it is amazing just how many of them really do not have the slightest idea of the workload they have got themselves into. Many of these people did not even sit down and assess what it is that they see as reasonable personal goal. This is a huge mistake on their part. You must know what you want in order to find a way to obtain it. It must be clear to everyone willing to jump into the Internet marketing world…

Marketing Strategies for Facebook

How companies are using chatbots for marketing: Use cases and

If you are looking to market your business through Facebook, there are some strategies out there that can help. Regardless of what business you’re in, these strategies may prove helpful in getting the word out about your products. Here are some of the better-known marketing tools and tips available for Facebook users.

Finding Your Voice: How to Express Personality Online

Creative writing finding your voice

When’s the last time you enjoyed listening to someone who sounds generic? It just doesn’t happen. People love listening to speakers like Chris Rock, Tony Robbins and Jon Stewart because they’re dynamic and their personality shines through.

Writing Your Welcome Autoresponder (You Know? That First Email?)

6 Steps to Create an Effective Email Autoresponder Series

Your welcome autoresponder is your crucial chance to make a first impression on your reader. If you have a great welcome message, subscribers will read it, be impressed by the quality and continue to open your emails in the future. With a poor welcome message, they may very well never open your emails again.

6 reasons to hire a digital marketing firm

Picking the right digital agency in a world of delusion | Inside

A digital marketing company knows how to structure different techniques over time to accomplish optimum benefits for their clients. This expert in online marketing understands the best ways to manage the brand name image of your company, how to associate with prospective consumers to excite their attention and aim to build commitment to the brand, knows the best hours to release either in article, on the site or in socials media.

Building Your Business With Facebook

10 Simplest Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

You’ve done it through SEO, social networking, press releases, article marketing and perhaps even a pay-per-click campaign like Google AdWords. Basically, you’ve tried all the traditional methods that help online business catch on like a gust of wind. But have you thought about FACEBOOK advertising yet? If not, you may not be aware of this relatively latest source of targeted customers — the kind who you may not be able to reach by traditional way.

Five Ways to Find Great Article and Blog Post Topics

3 Ways to Make Your Blog More Appealing On Smaller Devices

There comes a time in every online marketer’s life when they run out of things to write about. There are many solutions to this problem. You can hire someone to come up with ideas for you. You can hire someone to write the content for you, too. You can even purchase PLR. These are all…

Networking on Facebook to Boost Your Business

chatting, communication, community

What exactly is “networking” and how can it help your business?

How To Use Mobile Marketing To Your Advantage

Emerging Mobile Marketing Jobs –

Mobile marketing is crucial to overall digital marketing success. With that being said it is a field that is becoming that much more competitive each day. If you want to stay ahead of the game with mobile marketing then you’re going to want to fill your mind with as much information as you can about…

Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords

Facebook Ads or Google Adwords: Which is Better for Your Business

Using Facebook for advertising is different than Google Adwords. In order to gain a steady and highly targeted traffic stream, you need to know strategies that can pay off in this arena.

From Start to Profit: The Typical Lifecycle of a Blog

social media, persona, social

Most blogs go through a fairly predictable lifecycle from start to profitability. To make it to the point where your blog is making significant income, you’ll need to go through all of these stages. Each and every stage has its own challenges and rewards. Here are the five stages every profitable blog needs to go…

The Importance of Reputation Management


The process of encouraging satisfied customers to share their opinions online is what is known as reputation management. We provide this service for many of our clients. And, it can have a tremendous impact on their marketing success.

5 Methods to Digitally Transform Your Small Company in 2018


It no longer matters if you’re running a small cafe or an office of 200 professionals. Investing in a digital strategy is no longer an option – it’s imperative if you want to maintain a competitive advantage as a business.

Three Simple Rules for Great Website Content

9 Tips for Writing Great Business Website Content

Want to write great website content but you’’re not sure how? There are only a handful of things that differentiate great content from not so great content. Learn to master these few tactics and improve your content.

Opt-In Page Tips for Maximum Sign-Ups

14 Must Haves for a Webinar Opt-In Page - Small Business Trends

A great opt-in page can generate opt-ins as high as 30% of the time. However, a poor opt-in page can generate opt-ins less than 10% of the time – sometimes even no opt-ins at all.

3 Tips to Drive Sales Gamification

What is Gamification and How Can It Help My Business? - Small

Do you know why they call it Salesforce? Due to the fact that your sales group needs to be required to use it.

Hiring A Digital Marketing Company

new year's day, target, resolutions

Every market these days has competitors. The number grows daily, making it harder for a business that does not follow a structured online marketing plan, to reach the top positions in Google or distinguish themselves from their competition. If you want/need your business to sell, you need to hire a digital marketing firm.

Tips for Successful Email Campaigns and Product Launches

newsletter, e-mail marketing, email

If you’re launching a new product or going for a special sales push, there are a few things you can do that’ll virtually guarantee a higher response rate. These things include split testing email headlines, amping up excitement before the launch and taking advantage of the “crowd effect.”

Low Cost Website Promotion That Works

computer, flower, romantic

Search Engine Submission and Ranking are the two basic parts to a low cost web site promotion. Both of the parts have the same effect on the market of the web site – for your products and services presented in your web site catches the people’s attention.

How to Write When You’’re Not a Writer

diary, writer, type

As a business owner you’’re called on to manage a variety of tasks. Because CONTENT IS KING (and the Story is Queen), one of those tasks is writing. You have content to create. This can be a scary and potentially overwhelming concept. Many people fear writing or put it off because they don’t consider themselves to be writers.

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