5 ways to boost your digital marketing success

Economic and political landscapes adapt and change over time, and so your marketing strategy should be agile and responsive to cope with evolving scenarios.

What was applicable several years ago may not be best suited to drive your business forward now. In the worst-case scenario, your strategy could even be redundant and irrelevant.

To maintain your business success, you must adapt your marketing strategy to incorporate innovations and changes to public behaviours. Here are five ways to boost your digital marketing success.

  1. Audit

    The search engines have a habit of regularly updating the algorithms they use to rank websites, meaning you must keep up to date with the changes that they make. Your website could inadvertently be breaching their guidelines, and so you need to have your site audited to identify any areas that may cause your site to be penalised. You need your website to be actively helping you to rank higher in organic search.

    Experts, such as my team and I at mikobey.com, will ensure that your site is primed for ranking, using SEO tips and techniques to boost your ranking position.

  1. Experiment

    There seems to be a new social media platform released every week, and so you need to keep ahead of your competition and research where your target audience is hanging out online.

    Experiment with different channels to further your reach.

    Use the KPIs to provide you with the figures and statistics to base your digital marketing decisions on – it’s a science and not an art. You may be surprised by the platforms that your customers are now choosing to spend their time!

  1. Check out the Competition

    You will already be keeping an eye on your competition in terms of the products and services that they offer, but you need to take it further. Check out their online presence so that you can identify gaps in their marketing strategy that you can take advantage of. This includes looking at their link profile and using their URL in Adwords keyword tool to inspire content that will boost your online presence and target their customers.

  1. Ask your customers

    Requesting feedback from your customers is a great way to understand how to improve your business’ operations and marketing strategy. Their experience of dealing with your business can provide critical information for improvement. A fresh perspective is gold for marketing, and the information that you gather will be able to shape your marketing strategies.

    Another benefit of customer feedback is that you heighten their feelings of engagement with your brand, which, in turn, breeds loyalty.

  1. Build relationships

    Your digital marketing strategy is not just about attracting new customers. Your strategy should also be geared towards developing, nurturing and building relationships with current customers. Social media can be exploited to build relationships with your customers. If you respond to customer comments quickly and positively, you earn trust through the interaction. Your business popularity will soar, and your digital marketing strategy boosted.

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