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Creating Your Brand and Building Your Audience

September 16, 2021

A good place to start is by asking what exactly a brand is. A brand is much more than just a logo and is rather an ethos – a mission statement and an approach to business. That logo simply tells people that the product or service they’re receiving adheres to the same standards as whatever…

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Be Consistent In Social Media Marketing

May 1, 2021

You now know how to write great content, how to keep people coming back to your site and how to engage your audience so that they feel like part of an exciting VIP community. (If you are struggling with this, this blog is full of ideas on how to tackle content creation.) You realise social…

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Casting Call: Understanding Podcast Advertising Opportunities

January 14, 2020

As podcasts grow in popularity, advertising opportunities are shifting in response to target new audiences of listeners. Broadcast radio ads may be fading in popularity, but audio advertising on podcasts is picking up steam, so much so that businesses are expected to spend over $500 million on podcast ads by the year 2020. Why Podcasts…

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WordPress Security – 19 Steps to Lock Down Your Site

January 14, 2020

When it comes to WordPress security, there are a lot of things you can do to lock down your site to prevent hackers and vulnerabilities from affecting your ecommerce site or blog. The last thing you want to happen is to wake up one morning to discover your site in shambles. So today we are…

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Stop Being So Modest! Why Women in Business Need to Get Comfortable with Bragging

January 14, 2020

A study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon and two other institutions showed that bragging elicits a negative reaction from those on the receiving end. Yet at the same time, cultural bias makes it both more common and more socially acceptable for men to self-promote. Sound familiar?

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How to Get More Reader Interaction on Your Articles and Blog

How to Get More Reader Interaction on Your Articles and Blog

Reader interaction accomplishes many things for a website. It helps add user generated content. It also helps pull in more readers. People want to participate and see what everyone’s talking about. However, getting reader interaction isn’t always easy. Here are a few tried and true strategies for getting more interaction on your articles and blogs.

Viral Content Marketing: How To Make Your Content Go Viral With GIFs

Animated gif: Magnet demonstrating how viral content works.

Digital marketers shouldn’t harbour concerns about integrating GIFs into their holistic advertising strategies. Aside from merely entertaining your viewers, GIFs additionally function as a particularly vital device for businesses as they can often showcase both products and merchandise in such a way that they easily attract the attention of both current and new clients as well as markets. Followers can get a sneak peek of an upcoming event or the recap of a program, as GIFs highlight both behind the scenes and on-screen happenings with style.

Basic Tips To Assist You Understand Reputation Management

customer experience, best, excellent

Are you interested in learning about reputation management? Are you exhausted by all the information that is out there, some being great and others never providing what you’re searching for? If that is the case, the following article will prove handy. Continue reading for information you can use to manage your company’s reputation.

Pay-Per Click Ad Campaigns: Earn More by Spending Less

Fort Lauderdale PPC Marketing | Pay Per Click Management | Rand

Everyday millions of people around the world click on Pay-Per Click advertising campaign. With the internet industry booming and online business growing, an ad can be seen by virtually anybody on the planet who is online.

Meet the Entrepreneur Behind the Newest Black Woman-Owned Bank

Nthabeleng Likotsi, creator of YWBN Mutual Bank

Nthabeleng Likotsi, a 33-year old Black lady from South Africa who co-founded the Young Women in Company Network (YWBN), has been determined to turn her cooperative bank to a shared bank. It seems tough, but she is already set to do it, becoming the first black woman bank owner in South Africa.

SEO Best Practices for WordPress

WordPress SEO Best Practices In 2015 | Elegant Themes Blog

WordPress is one of the most powerful blogging platforms for getting ranked in search engines – if configured correctly. Unfortunately, out of the box WordPress is actually quite poorly configured. Here are some of the SEO best practices to implement for your WordPress blog.

Making Facebook Work for You

facebook, like, box

Rather than having Facebook take away from your work time, you can use Facebook to enhance your business. Here are some tips on making Facebook work for you in a business setting.

Tips and Ideas to Repurpose and Reuse Your Content

Ingenious Ways to Repurpose Your Old Tech |

Content is an investment. You spend a lot of time writing it. You probably also spend a lot of time planning and researching it. It makes good business sense to make the most of your investment. When you repurpose and reuse your content, you maximize your return. Here are five tips and ideas to repurpose and reuse your content.

Local SEO – 4 Ways to Boost Ranking

Local SEO in 2017: 5 simple ways to dominate local search - Search

Ranking for area specific terms can be a big boost to your business. Many people don’t think local SEO makes a big difference, but this isn’t the case. The good thing about it is that it’s usually quicker to rank for local terms.

Two Ways to Use Audio & Video

Audio/ Video Volunteers needed! « Bethel Baptist Church

How do you use audio and video for local marketing? This can be very effective when done right. Here are two of the best outlets to use them…

5 Tips for Coming up with Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas For A Removals Company

Hitting hard up against writer’s block? Coming up with blog post ideas day in and day out can be challenging at times. Here are five tips for coming up with blog post ideas when the ideas aren’t flowing.

4 Tips for Using Blogs to Get More Local Traffic

How to Handle Link Building and SEO for a Local Business

Using blogs and other social media can be very effective for getting more local business. Most people think of social networking as only a way to drive global traffic. However, it can be used very effectively for getting local business as well. Here are four tips to make it work: Target local keywords This is…

Creating a Productive Writing Environment

blog, blogger, browsing

Writing is difficult. Anyone that says otherwise isn’t telling the truth, or they’re not a writer. It can be even more difficult when you own your own business. You probably have a number of distractions, tasks and responsibilities. One of the best ways to make writing content for your business just a little bit easier is to create a productive writing environment. Here are tips and ideas to help you get started.

10 Eye Popping, Jaw Dropping Ad Copy Secrets

fantasy, surreal, ink

Write ad copy like the pros and EXPLODE your response rates — check out these 10 tips…

5 Ways to Boost Local Customers

PPC – Compare 16 local marketing automation platforms – ETRENDBIZ

How do you get more local customers to your business? There are plenty of ways to do this. Here are five of the best strategies…

How to Get a URL for a Facebook Video


From your Facebook wall, you have a list of posts. If you have a video in one post of the wall, to copy its URL you need first to play the video for about 2 seconds. Then Right click on the video you want to download.

What’s new in WooCommerce 3.3: A revamped Orders screen, and more


Since our last minor release in October, we’ve been working on a variety of improvements to WooCommerce: Redesigned Orders screen for easier order management. Simpler and more intuitive stock management. Image sizing and theme compatibility improvements. Shop customization features. To ensure this update is stable, we’ve been doing plenty of testing and QA on our side with an…

Crafting a Writing Ritual for Content Producers

Crafting A Writing Ritual For Content Producers

Do you have a writing ritual? Many people have writing rituals that they’’re not even aware of.

Internet Marketing is Not As Simple As They Want Us to Think

True Lies People Tell – Jewel 92.5 FM Clarence-Rockland

A hot spot to start a new home based business, Is it really that easy to start on line. What are the pros and cons to being your own boss. Take the time to work hard, concentrating on reaching your goals, leave nothing to chance and you will succeed.

Making Money on Facebook – Tips for Beginners

make-money-facebook |

When you start talking about “making money” on Facebook, some people immediately start to think you are talking about some kind of scam. However, while money-making scams abound on the internet, Facebook does offer legitimate ways to make money.

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